The Max Pro LED light has an excellent glare control shield. Thanks to our new glare shield, glare will be removed completely. It ensures both, players and spectators can enjoy the game without any discomfort.

Designed with marine-grade coating and 316 stainless steel parts, the light has an excellent cooling system as it features a patented thermal management design along with an integrated heatsink. This helps in improving heat dissipation performance and makes sure light has a low junction temperature.

In addition, the LED light has a tiller arm with outstanding angle rotation support. This will help in providing a wide range of angles of light for a uniform light over an area. Another excellent feature of the LED light is the laser pointer focusing. This makes it perfect for day lighting as it will illuminate the area that needs the light accurately.

This LED light comes with various installation conditions, making it easy to use in different positions. It is a lightweight LED light that becomes easy to handle during installation. It can be installed in a variety of places like golf courses, warehouses, workshops, stadiums, container yards, etc.

  • Lumens efficiency up to 160lm/W