300W LED sports floodlight
Beam angle: 60deg
CCT: 5700K
Zigbee Wireless Dimming Control
Quantity: 140pcs
Replace 1000W Philips halogen lamps
Average illuminance: 1500lux
Uniformity: 0.90
Location: Guangzhou

Lighting renovation for 2019 WTA Guangzhou Open Championship. In July 2019, we completed the replacement of all indoor and outdoor tennis court lamps in Guangzhou Sports Center. The original 1000W Philips halogen lamp was replaced with our 300W super bright LED lamp, which not only greatly increased the illumination by 60%, but also greatly improved the uniformity and softness of the overall light. Provided a solid lighting guarantee for the upcoming WTA finals in September. After visiting the night light show, the leaders of the sports center spoke highly of our lightwing LED stadium lights that reached the international advanced level.

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Guangzhou Sports Center Halogen Lamp Upgrade Project for WTA 2019 Championships

WTA 2019 Championships Guangzhou Open
Lighting renovation for 2019 WTA Guangzhou Open Championship