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In order to provide our customers with the best lighting solution, Onor Lighting’s insist on clear project evaluation before quotation. For customers who need upgrades for current lighting, we will determine which methods can be used to improve performance and efficiency according to customer’s current light solution. For customers with traditional lighting solutions, we can help set up new sports lighting on existing utility poles and power supplies. In this case, we will carefully check the original engineering drawings to ensure that they can withstand the weight and lighting region of our LED lights.

For the new sports field lighting, we can provide a full set of lighting fixtures and give suggestions on purchasing poles and recommend reliable pole suppliers, so that we can guarantee that the newly adopted sports lighting solution will provide customers with the best performance and budget.

Once received an inquiry from customer, we may ask you to provide detailed or target project information for our future lighting quotation and design.

After we have received the detailed project details as well as your budget, our engineers will provide customized lighting design according to the required lighting level (lux), pole position, and power limit.

There are many factors that must be considered to ensure that the new sports lighting design meet the corresponding lighting standards for sports fields in all your local countries or regions, and also features anti-glare, uniform lighting etc.

Our lighting designers will work together with you to strike a balance between all these factors to ensure that you have a sports lighting system that is specific to your requirements and guaranteed to comply with legal requirements.

This lighting design includes basic recommendations regarding pole height (if poles need replacement or for new sports field project), type and number of fixtures, expected illuminance levels, power consumption, and bird’s eye view of sports lighting levels.

This service is provided free of charge to customers who have already paid a deposit. For customers who have not paid a deposit in advance, we will charge a modest fee, which can be deducted after the down payment is paid.

If you agree with this sports lighting design, we will carry out more detailed planning, including the installation, maintenance and training of the lighting system. We also accept turnkey sports lighting field projects.

Onor Lighting can provide any service needed to effectively upgrade your exist sports field lighting fixture or install brand new LED lighting to your newly constructed sports field. Our sports lighting installation services include the supply, installation and commissioning of lighting poles, lighting fixture and control system.

Some of our customers require turnkey supply and installation of LED sports lighting. If you choose Onor Lighting to as the turnkey contractor for sports filed lighting, you are guaranteed that the entire working range can be performed as expected. Soil type, wind factor, lighting requirements, glare requirements, control of sport lights and overall performance are taken into consideration to ensure you have a lighitng system specifically designed for you.

While other customers only want to buy our LED sports lights. In this case, we will supply exact sports lighting fixture you want. Please be sure that ours sports lighting is designed to industry standards and will definitely meet your specific needs.

Latest Projects

  • LED Baseball Stadium Lighting Project for Jakarta Indonesia

    LED Baseball Stadium Lighting Project for Jakarta Indonesia

    We are honored to be selected as the LED lighting supplier by the Indonesian Organizing Committee of the 2018 Asian Games. Our MaxPro series stadium lights are installed in baseball stadiums, BMX stadiums, basketball halls, badminton halls. Among them, 121 960W LED flood lights are used in baseball stadiums.
  • Guangzhou Sports Center Halogen Lamp Upgrade Project for WTA 2019

    Guangzhou Sports Center Halogen Lamp Upgrade Project for WTA 2019

    In July 2019, we completed the replacement of all indoor and outdoor tennis court lamps in Guangzhou Sports Center. The original 1000W Philips halogen lamp was replaced with our 300W super bright LED lamp, which not only greatly increased the illumination by 60%, but also greatly improved the uniformity and softness of the overall light.
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